Sunday, January 25, 2009


Minimalist. It's hard to make small hardsuits. You're limited in combinations. However, GaBo Owns you's Ares pulls it off. Every piece has a purpose. Plus it has enough movement to be smart with a gun. What stands out is the brown cape. It's actually similar to what I just did on my *** *******. Hehehehe. Except I used TWO black capes. Nicely done. This looks like a fun hardsuit to swoosh around.

Advice for photo taking:

The base boards could be left out.
It's cool for a few shots, and some builders use it as a ruler to show stud sizes, but overall a pure white background can make it look more mature.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Welcome to the first pic to be highlighted by the new Hardsuits Unite! blog. Today, we take a look at Phong Chang's Halo 3 Spartan. What's amazing is how minimalist it is. The chest is wonderfully creative and unique. Most hardsuits floating around the net are usually built upon other builder's frame. Building upon others is fine, as long as credit is given. When innovations are made, it's always good to note it. Of course, if as some others may say, "You can only combine so many pieces when making small suits. So nothing's unique. Someone out there has done it before." Perhaps. To that, I say DNA is just four Nucleotide bases making random AT CG combinations. But a human can look dramatically different from a fly. So yes, someone out there may have made some Lego combination, but it is how that combination plays out in the overall hardsuit that makes it unique. Humans and flies both have HOX genes but our limbs are so drastically different. So kudos Phong. It's refreshing.

Advice for photo taking:

More light
That should take care of the grainy pixels. If photoshop proficient, the background could be whitened. Perhaps I should do a tutorial on that. Many Lego builders on flickr have posted methods already.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Do you have a Lego hardsuit? Do you have Flickr? We want your pic in our flickr group so it can be in the slide-show you see on the left! Go ahead. Post away.

(Besides, right now there are nothing but my pictures. Others will think I'm some arrogant giant head of cheese.)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

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